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20 years of focus on Chengdu hotel design, Chengdu commercial design, is a model enterprise of Chengdu Public Service Company!

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Sichuan Taihe Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

There is such a strategic decorative design agency Taihe decorative design, southwest strategic design agency. It is also a Chengdu hotel design company, Chengdu commercial design company, Chengdu public decoration company, providing professional, comprehensive, one-stop space integration design. The team characteristics of the cross-border consortium ensure the overall positioning of the project, brand layout, functional planning, brand creation and image specification, architectural design, planning and design, landscape design, indoor and outdoor space design, landscape design, Mei Chen"s design, The integrated design of the guide system design. To surpass simplicity and fragmentation, and strive to achieve the most efficient work results and status without rework, complete all the vision around a core strategy... Learn more +

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Hilton Hotel Design Style Orange Hotel Design Style
Hilton Hotel Design Style Orange Hotel Design Style

Hilton Hotel Design Style + Orange Hotel Design. One is a brand hotel owned by an international hotel company, and the other is a domestic designer hotel brand, an international model with high-end elegance, and a masterpiece of modern fashion style. ... [Details]

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